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Jeff Jacobson

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jeff Jacobson has worked in Television and Radio since 2007. Over the years Jeff has been involved in just about every aspect of the production process, in roles such as photographer, editor, audio engineer, and technical director. The bulk of Jeff’s career has been spent in various roles at WRAL-TV, which became CBS’s highest rated affiliate in the country during that time, and as a Broadcast Engineer at WUVC-DT, the Univision Owned & Operated affiliate in North Carolina. Univision 40 is home to the state’s first Spanish-language newscast and its small staff afforded Jeff frequent opportunities to be involved in many aspects of the broadcast while covering some of the biggest events of the day. Jeff also volunteers his time assisting with production during fundraising broadcasts for UNC-TV, North Carolina’s Public Television system. He graduated cum laude from North Carolina State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with a concentration in Media.

Selected Work History

Univision Television Group (WUVC-DT)

Broadcast Engineer (April 2013–May 2015)

Jeff’s primary responsibility was equipment setup, configuration, maintenance, and repair. However, the small staff also meant Jeff often worked as the Audio Operator, Graphics Operator (using a VizRT), Technical Director, Floor Director and Studio Cameraman, ENG Photographer, ENG Editor, and Live Truck Operator. A typical day involved acting in at least two of those roles, if not more.

Capitol Broadcasting Company (WRAL-TV)

Broadcast Operator (July 2009–August 2012)

Most days involved one of three roles: Master Control, Videotape for commercial and syndicated programming ingest and dubbing, or live shot Quality Control. Quality Control also involved videotape work including recording, playback, and duplication for programs produced on weeknights and shows fed from distributors in the morning. Jeff also continued as a fill-in audio engineer for some time.

Broadcast Technician (August 2008–July 2009)

In this position Jeff primarily worked as an Audio Engineer for live newscasts as well as recorded community affairs shows and a fast-paced game show for high school students. The role also involved studio setup and tear-down for various weekly or special programming.

News Production Assistant (October 2007–August 2008)

Jeff’s entry into television began with answering phones, calling news sources, listening to scanners, and preparing and distributing scripts, as well as running the teleprompter for morning and weekend newscasts. With experience, Jeff also worked as the Assignment Editor on the weekends and would write some scripts for newscasts.

NC State Student Media (WKNC-FM)

Afterhours Music Director (February 2008–May 2008)

Jeff finished his time at WKNC as the music director for the Afterhours format (“RPM” format in College Music Journal, primarily electronic/techno music). The position involved reviewing new music, supervising format DJs, interacting with promoters, and reporting top air play.

On-Air Host/Operator (February 2007–May 2008)

Jeff began his broadcasting career as a college DJ at one of the top college radio stations in the country. While WKNC is non-commercial, there is a strong focus on professionalism, playing to established formats instead of some of the more free-form sets encountered at other college stations. Jeff DJ’d in both the college rock and electronic music formats, with both live and voice tracked shows. He still recalls live disc jockeying as both some of the scariest and most fun times he’s ever had in broadcasting.